The End

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What if the end was no longer the end?

A device that could change human existence forever.

A life support machine that could replicate brain activity even after death.

If you had to choose between your loved one becoming a medically-induced zombie or being gone forever, which would you choose?

If a machine was sending the electrical impulses that made them walk and talk and think and feel and love, would they still be them?

And if they weren’t — quite — them any more, would being able to hear their voice, see them smile, touch and hold them, make it worth it anyway?

No matter the cost?

That’s it, that’s the story so far

The End is a drama series with a difference. It’s also a game.

You know the game you play around a campfire, where someone starts off a scary story then passes it on to the next person? It’s a bit like that. From a handful of initial episodes, a new group of “showrunners” will be nominated to pick up the story then pass it on… and so on.

Where will it end? Not a clue!

All the showrunners will be Scottish female filmmakers. We *might* let boys act or write now and then if they ask very nicely, but the ultimate story will be controlled by women. The idea was to built a creative playground for women who normally don’t get the chance to work together (ALL too often if you’re a woman on a project behind the camera, you’re the only one!) to come together, have some fun… and tell a brilliantly mad story!!

Check out the first episodes here:

That’s why I did it

He saw it

You just know

Then watch this space for more…

I can’t TELL you how excited I am about this project! Already utterly honoured by the incredible talent who took a chance on a message from a random with a bonkers idea, and there’s LOADS more to come!!

Filmmaker interested in getting involved?! Give me a shout at