Dark of Night: Signed Trilogy Box Set


“A debut that is quite outstanding.”
“Glasgow has just found itself a fresh new name in crime fiction.”
“An absolute belter of a book.”

When Lorna’s body is discovered in the Campsies, Ruari sets out to retrace her last steps in the hopes of finding her killer – but somebody has beaten him to it




Haunted by the fact that he never got the chance to tell best friend Lorna that he loved her before she was murdered, Ruari sets out to track down the man he saw her with the night before she was murdered – the man police are certain was her killer.

Forensic psychologist Amy Kerr has been watching prominent Glasgow lawyer Alec McAvoy for months, certain that he is the so-called Dancing Girls Killer who evaded capture in London five years previously.

Now Ruari and Amy are closing in on the same man – but every step they take draws them deeper into the killer’s web.


“…completely addictive. Very fast paced with the short punchy time-stamped chapters adding to the sense of a fast-moving investigation.” – Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

“…full of the Glasgow banter and humour laced with a good old-fashioned murder mystery. Lots of twists and turns and little pools of red herrings kept me engrossed all the way through.” – Sharon Bairden, Chapterinmylife Blog

”Set in Glasgow this is pure Scottish gold.” – Susan Hampson, Books from Dusk Til Dawn

“The characters are engaging and the storytelling is fast paced. The Glasgow setting provides a perfect backdrop to this tartan noir. The snippets of humour bring the characters to life and add a little light relief to the darkness of the night!” – Kim Macleod

“This is an exciting new addition to Scotland’s impressive murder mystery genre. The author has their own quirky humour and a pitch perfect ear for Glasgow banter.” – Dorkus

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