Hollywoodland Podcast

Ever wondered who made the first movie? Why the lunatics took over the asylum or who first cut to the chase?

How about the fact that up until 1925, 50% of copyrighted screenplays were written by women – or that one of Universal’s biggest hits in 1916 was a film that explored abortion?

Before the slickly controlled Golden Age of the studio system, there was an *old* Old Hollywood, a cacophony of chaos and creativity where anything went and everyone made it up as they went along.

This podcast is dedicated to exploring the Dark Ages of movies, the true dawn of Hollywood where the power lay in the hands of women, immigrants and outcasts.

Hollywoodland launches soon!!

Episode One: Lights, Camera, Action

When did we start to make pictures move? And why did they move all the way to California? A chat about the very earliest days of the film industry and how Hollywood came to be synonymous with movies.

Episode Two: Not of this World

Where would movies be without their stars? This episode, we chat about how actors went from anonymous to holding the world in thrall with their general fabulousness – and how gossip has always been part of the fabric of Hollywood.

Episode Three: The All Time Best Scriptwriter

Frances Marion was the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood throughout the twenties, and she was the first writer to win two Oscars. Long before female screenwriters were struggling to be taken seriously, Frances Marion was dominating Hollywood with her stories.

Episode Four: Kiss Me My Fool

The Vamp: your great-grandma’s “strong female character”. When faced with the Vamp’s independence and ability to decide for herself that she quite enjoyed sex, male characters had a habit of expiring on the spot. But was she really feminist or foe?

Episode Five: the Original Thriller

When Alfred Hitchcock was still a boy at school, Lois Weber wrote and directed the film that would become the blueprint of every thriller every since: 1913’s Suspense. Join us to break this seminal short down frame by frame to establish just who was the true Master of Suspense.

Episode Six: He Did and He Didn’t

A couple of days after Labour day in 1921, Virgina Rappé died in a San Francisco hospital room, and set the wheels in motion for #metoo almost one hundred years later. Was Fatty Arbuckle innocent fall guy or the first powerful man in Hollywood to get away with it?